Beyond the Pilgrimage: Exploring the Fascinating and Joyful Side of Shirdi

Welcome to Shirdi, a town that holds a special place in the hearts of the devotees of Shri Sai Baba. While Shirdi is renowned as a significant pilgrimage site, it also offers a fascinating and joyful side. Experience the wonders of Shirdi with the help of Saishishir Tours and their exceptional Shirdi flight package from Bangalore.


Sai Heritage Village:

The Sai Heritage Village is a unique attraction located in Shirdi. It is a thematic museum that aims to showcase the life and teachings of Shirdi Sai Baba. The village is designed to replicate the ambiance of the past era when Sai Baba lived and spread his message of love, compassion, and spiritual enlightenment.

Visiting the Sai Heritage Village in Shirdi can be a captivating experience for Sai Baba’s devotees and anyone interested in understanding his life and teachings. The village’s immersive setting, informative displays, and serene atmosphere provide an opportunity to delve deeper into the spiritual realm of Sai Baba’s extraordinary existence


Sai Teerth Theme Park:

Get ready for a whole lot of fun at Sai Teerth Theme Park! Experience exciting rides, thrilling water slides, and captivating shows that showcase the miracles of Sai Baba. Saishishir Tours ensures a delightful blend of entertainment with spirituality, creating a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone in the family!


Lendi Garden:

Explore the peaceful and beautiful Lendi Garden in Shirdi, a tranquil retreat amidst nature. Walk along scenic paths surrounded by lush green trees and colorful flowers. Take a moment to sit beneath the sacred Neem tree, where Sai Baba used to meditate. You will feel a soothing sense of calm and a spiritual connection to this serene place.



Shirdi celebrates various festivals with great enthusiasm and joy. Two major festivals celebrated here are Ram Navami and Guru Purnima. During these festivals, the town comes alive with vibrant decorations, processions, music, and dance performances. The festive atmosphere is contagious and spreads happiness among the locals and visitors alike.



Dwarkamai is a place in Shirdi that holds great significance in Sai Baba’s life. It was the mosque where Baba stayed and performed numerous miracles. Today, it is a popular attraction for devotees and visitors. Dwarkamai exudes a sense of tranquility and joy as people gather to offer prayers and witness the sacred space where Sai Baba once lived.



Shirdi offers a delightful shopping experience for visitors. The streets around the temple are lined with shops selling a variety of religious artifacts, souvenirs, and traditional clothing. You can find items like Sai Baba statues, pictures, prayer beads, and books about his life. Exploring the bustling markets and finding unique keepsakes can bring joy to your visit.


Food and Cuisine: 

Shirdi offers a range of delicious vegetarian food options, reflecting the local Maharashtrian cuisine. Numerous restaurants and eateries serve traditional dishes like Puran Poli, Bhakri, Sabudana Khichdi, and Modak. The aromatic flavors and mouthwatering tastes of these dishes can be a delightful culinary experience for food enthusiasts.

Nearby Attractions: 

Shirdi is surrounded by scenic beauty and other tourist attractions. You can visit places like the Shani Shingnapur Temple, known for its unique stone idol of Lord Shani, or the beautiful Shirdi Sai Heritage Village that exhibits the life and teachings of Sai Baba. Exploring these nearby attractions can add an element of joy and adventure to your trip.


Volunteer Work: 

Shirdi has various organizations and ashrams that offer opportunities for volunteer work. Saishishir Tours promotes volunteer work in Shirdi, giving you the opportunity to contribute to charitable activities such as serving food to the needy or participating in medical camps. Engaging in such acts of kindness can bring immense joy and fulfillment during your visit.

While Shirdi is primarily known as a religious destination, its vibrant culture, festivals, delicious cuisine, and opportunities for spiritual growth and volunteering create a joyful and fascinating experience for visitors. Explore the multifaceted charm of this sacred town with the convenience of a direct Shirdi flight package from Bangalore offered by Saishishir Tours.

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