You might have seen this in a movie, recall this scene from life of pi, if not imagine the setting: The sky decorated with stars, a boat floating in the middle of the ocean, rocking back and forth, the water is deep blue and a swarm the fishes all blue and shiny as though the stars itself are glittering below the ocean. Ever wondered if that was real or graphics? Turns out it’s a natural phenomenon! Yes! All natural!

It’s called “bioluminescence”. A chemical reaction commonly found in some types of fishes, mainly jellyfish and also in some microorganisms called planktons. These watery creatures have tiny organs called photophores with a chemical called luciferin inside them which reacts with certain enzymes when these organisms move inside the ocean triggering this phenomenon. But these species need energy to make their own light and they get it indirectly by the sun, feeding on algae, plants inside the ocean.

These smart creatures don’t always glow. They store their energy until it gets dark. To witness this mystical-like phenomenon, you don’t have to visit a foreign country. Here are 6 beaches you can visit in India that glows in the dark:


1. Mattu Beach, Karnataka:

Not far away from Udupi, a city known for its temples is the Mattu beach in Karnataka. The beach derives its name from the Matti village or as the people from Mangalore call it ‘Mattu Gulla’. Mattu beach is rising in popularity due to the bioluminescence effect. Experts say that the glowing of the beach is credited to the marine organisms called “Sea Sparkle ”.

Stunning visuals of sunset, long walks on the sand, the sound of the waves hitting the shore, the occasional spotting of palm trees with a touch of mystique would definitely put the “wow” back in your vacation.


2. Thiruvanmiyur Beach, Chennai

Way down south in Tamil Nadu, Chennai to be specific is the Thiruvanmiyur Beach. This beach is a popular tourist sight. The sun rises and sets majestically on this beach and it’s something you have to truly experience. The beach, well maintained by the local community, has very recently been recognized for its nightly glimmer.

For sweethearts looking to photoshoot, for married couples to renew their spark, for bachelors desperate to be refreshed, this beach is a perfect spot for a vacation.  


3. Betalbatim Beach, Goa

Known popularly for beaches, and lively parties, Goa is a hubspot for people seeking for a vacation. From youth to migrants to the old but still young at heart, Goa deserves a visit. Betelbatim is situated right in between Colva beach and Majorda beach. Welcomed by the expanse of soft light coloured sand, also popular for its bioluminescence this beach is a complete package. From bird watching to dolphins and other exotic fishes to paragliding and other adventurous sports, Betalbatim beach has got it all.

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4. Juhu beach, Maharashtra.

Facing the Arabian sea, is Mumbai’s longest Juhu beach. This place is famous for its street food stalls and stunning sunset. The glowing blue waves of this beach is as occasional as coming across a celebrity photoshoot on the shores but nonetheless worthwhile. This beach should definitely be in your bucketlist of things to see if you plan to visit Mumbai.


5. Havelock Island, Andaman 

The Andaman and Nicobar islands is one of India’s most popular tourist attractions and completely deserves the high ratings. This place is blessed with some of the most magnificent eye catching views you’ll ever come across. Picture yourself on a kayak, under the light of numerous stars, surrounded by water on all four sides and the water is glowing in light shades of blue. This mesmerising sight has all the potential to cling onto the depths of your heart and stay there forever.

With exotic fishes, splendid views of the beach, bioluminescence, kayaking, and many other things to explore,Havelock islands is a treasure chest just waiting to be found.  

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6. Bangaram Island, Lakshadweep

The small and isolated island in Lakshadweep is truly a sight to behold. The waves hitting the shore glows blue in the dark due to the phosphorescent algae present making it a wonderful sight as you take a walk down the serene beach.

Lakshadweep is a great tourist spot in India and a perfect getaway spot from the hub and bub of city life.


These beaches, mystical as they come, make a promise to captivate the onlooker. Every tourist is bound to take a part of this magic back to their homes and cherish them forever. Partner with Saishishir tours and travels to explore any or all of these fascinating places.